5 Useful Tools for Human Resources Managers

Posted by | March 23, 2017 | HR Technology

Human Resource Manager Tools

Your job as an HR manager doesn’t need to be this complicated. In fact, it can be enjoyable and easy to play with workflows, charts, deadlines, resources and talent management only if your using the right software.

In this article, we are sharing 5 useful tools that simplify the work and processes of a Human Resources Manager.

1. Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer

Are you a HR Project Manager? If so, then you have to say hello to Seavus Project Viewer for Microsoft Project files, the most complete viewer for MS Project plans.

The main benefits of Seavus Project Viewer is that will cost much less than licensing with Microsoft Project, while for large teams is extremely cost-beneficial.
This project viewer will open .mpp files of any size with 100% accuracy. It’s a cross platform solution, which means they’ve developed application for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows RT and the online version.

Seavus Project Viewer have the same look and feel as Microsoft Project, so if you and your team are used to the latter, you will not find any difficulty to working with this project viewer for Microsoft Project plans.

2. Zenefits


Zenefits is a cloud-based software for managing human resources.

The platform features payroll, benefits, hr management, compliance, and could be integrated with popular apps. As one of the leading software for HRIS and Payroll, Zenefits lets you manage everything in one place and automate the hard stuff.



Often, small companies find difficulties and challenges when it comes to people management.
It’s because small companies can’t afford most of the HR software solution as they cost a bundle.

Here is where TribeHR comes in because it does functions as managing employee profiles, performance evaluations, charting, managing time off and more. And it’s cost effective as pricing start with $2 monthly per user.

More to this, the app is easy to use since the very beginning, which makes it one of the best solutions for HR’s.



I love cloud solutions and BirdDogHR is such easy-to-use talent management system. It is designed to shortens the time to hire, effectively organize potential and hired employees, track their success and foster employee engagement across a company.

The talent management system is suitable for construction, engineering and supply industries.

5. TeamGantt


Planning, scheduling, and executing are functions that don’t have to be complicated especially if you’re using TeamGantt. Human Resource planning with this software is seamless because it solves most of your workforce planning challenges.

TeamGantt enhance strategic overview of projects allowing you to create scenarios, set deadlines, rearrange workflows, and manage all hypothetical situations.

Cha rts, spreadsheets, multiple project views, templates and PDF exports are some of the feature of TeamGantt that utilize the work of a HR Project Manager.

Bottom Line

There are so many software solutions for HR Project Managers out there, and we are sharing just a few from the sea of cool project management tools for HR managers.

If you have experience with other tools, feel free to share your opinion below.

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