Human Resource Manager Tools

Your job as an HR manager doesn’t need to be this complicated. In fact, it can be enjoyable and easy to play with workflows, charts, deadlines, resources and talent management only if your using the right software. In this article, we are sharing 5 useful tools that simplify the work and processes of a Human […]

comms strategy on a budget

No successful organization was build without having a solid foundation of internal communications. It’s a fundamental process of developing an easy and sustainable flow of information between employers, managers, and employees with the help of tools and systems that encourage communication. But not always HR have big budgets to advance in internal comms and Reward […]

5 tips for holiday savings

A new article on Reward Gateway blog is published by Debra Corey. This time, she’s bringing on her experience and share 5 holiday saving tips for employees. The aim to increase employee engagement through the discount program by sharing saving tips, communicate the message and provide information for the best retail prices. Read the full […]

internal comms strategy

As leader in the field of Internal Communications, Reward Gateway has helped tons of clients build their communication strategy and not all of them had massive budgets. Lisa Turnbull, RG’s Comms Manager is sharing how to make your comms strategy awesome without spending too much for it. Here are the 4 ways: Turn on business […]

Rewards and gifts for employees

It’s that part of the year when we start thinking about what gifts we’ll buy for our loved ones. We want to give something special and something they will love and remember us for that. On the other side, HR managers, Reward Directors and generally employers are having a big dilemma whether they should or […]

6 Hour workday in Sweden

The new trend is on. One month before, Sweden allowed the 6-hour work day through various of industries and there are already employers saying they see huge benefits from this switch. As Grace Holliday wrote her post, employee wellbeing, productivity, and satisfaction are increased in Swedish companies, which directly correlate with increased employee engagement. Employers […]

Employees at Reward Gateway

It was a busy and exited week at Reward Gateway, the employee engagement technology provider, which was sold by Inlextion Private Equity to Boston-based Great Hill Partners for £140m. With 275 employees, Reward Gateway has revenues of £189m and serves more than 1,100 corporate clients in the UK, US and Australia. The CEO, Glenn Elliott […]

The State of Employee Recognition in the UK - 2015

Achievers are cloud-based Employee Success Platform providers and often make research studies in the field of employee engagement. This time, Achievers gone in details about the state of employee recognition surveying 212 HR professional from the UK from companies of all sizes. As company stated, this research is conducted because recognition is the most impactful […]

voluntary benefits

Although the UK voluntary benefits market has been stable these years, now it’s changing. There is a big shift in the market compared to 5 years ago and there are sever drivers for this change. First, sites like Wowcher, LivingSocial, Yipit and Groupon become so popular and employees are now bombarded with discounts outside the […]

How to engage different generations at work

What kind of organization are you? Does your workforce represent a majority of one generation or a mixture of several? Do you know how to communicate with the different age groups? Are your rewards and benefits tailored to each generation? There are even more questions regarding the four generations at work over recent years, but […]

Best HR Systems

In these days when technology is incorporated in almost every aspect of our lives, we need to be sure that we choose the one that simplify our work or any process thus making our life easier. In this manner, every HR has his own preferable technology he couldn’t do without. It usually depends on the […]

Celesio UK Benefits Hub

Vicky Woods, the head of Reward at Celesio UK explains the new benefits and reward strategy at Celesio, which was nominated at the first year of Engagement Excellence Awards. Reward Gateway did a great hub for Celesio where employees could use the discounts and engage. Celesio program is named Treat Me. Watch the video and find […]

Chinese Employees of Tiens Group in Paris

Some bosses really deserve respect and Richard Branson is not alone. Owner of a huge Chinese company lead with himself 6,400 of his employees on a 4-day vacation in France, reserving 140 hotels in the capital Paris, and more than 4,700 hotel rooms on the Côte d’Azur. Chinese tourists landed in France with 84 aircraft, […]

Tim Cook about the Apple Watch on 9 March

Last Monday, March 9, 2015 was a big day for Apple Inc. Although the event supposed to be centered around the Apple Watch, it was far more than that. Many people on the social media streams have said that what impressed them was actually the new MacBook, which is a major departure from other Apple […]

Best companies list 2015

Best Companies is a UK website and business helping other organizations get what they call “Organisational Clarity”. As they state, Organizational clarity is all about having a clear Primary Purpose, clear Core Principles, an Outrageous Ambition and an ingenious plan. It’s the secret ingredient of employee engagement. Best Companies have been publishing the “Best Companies […]

Employee communication Champions

There is a popular name for employees who help you “execute” your employee communications plan. They are called Champions. Champions naturally want to share their best advice and tips with their colleagues. They usually get support by Communications specialists in the company who provide them tools to effectively conduct the plan. This article by Bekkie […]

Merry Christmass from Reward Gateway

As a part of Reward Gateway’s culture, it is very important to have a fun and try to be as more creative. This year, they present their second annual Christmas video, where staff from offices around the globe in London, Birmingham, Sydney, New York, Plovdiv and Skopje all contributed. Enjoy the video and don’t miss […]

5 employee communication mistakes

Employee Communication is vital piece for any employee engagement strategy these days. It adds significant value to organisations on metrics from productivity to customer research according Wikipedia article. And in real world, it’s very hard to sustain and effective employee comms strategy unless you’ve learnt from own or others’ experience. Lisa Turnbull is Communic8™ Manager at Reward […]

Creating a Coaching Environment

Posted by | October 30, 2014 | Productivity

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Watching sports is one of the greatest ways to see a group of individuals from diverse educational, economic and family backgrounds come together for a common goal. Winning is the ultimate paycheck, but playing smart and leaving their heart on the field makes a player hold their head high are there any applications to today’s […]

The Mandate for Performance

Posted by | October 30, 2014 | Productivity

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Today Performance Mandate is based on the following: The need for performance documentation due to regulatory requirements, to support employee reviews and/or compensation decisions, and for talent staffing and management. The need to engage employees to improve productivity, performance, and alignment with corporate objectives. Consumerism. Employees want access to information. Employees want the same tools […]