Internal Comms

comms strategy on a budget

No successful organization was build without having a solid foundation of internal communications. It’s a fundamental process of developing an easy and sustainable flow of information between employers, managers, and employees with the help of tools and systems that encourage communication. But not always HR have big budgets to advance in internal comms and Reward […]

internal comms strategy

As leader in the field of Internal Communications, Reward Gateway has helped tons of clients build their communication strategy and not all of them had massive budgets. Lisa Turnbull, RG’s Comms Manager is sharing how to make your comms strategy awesome without spending too much for it. Here are the 4 ways: Turn on business […]

Employee communication Champions

There is a popular name for employees who help you “execute” your employee communications plan. They are called Champions. Champions naturally want to share their best advice and tips with their colleagues. They usually get support by Communications specialists in the company who provide them tools to effectively conduct the plan. This article by Bekkie […]

5 employee communication mistakes

Employee Communication is vital piece for any employee engagement strategy these days. It adds significant value to organisations on metrics from productivity to customer research according Wikipedia article. And in real world, it’s very hard to sustain and effective employee comms strategy unless you’ve learnt from own or others’ experience. Lisa Turnbull is Communic8™ Manager at Reward […]