Employee Engagement

6 Hour workday in Sweden

The new trend is on. One month before, Sweden allowed the 6-hour work day through various of industries and there are already employers saying they see huge benefits from this switch. As Grace Holliday wrote her post, employee wellbeing, productivity, and satisfaction are increased in Swedish companies, which directly correlate with increased employee engagement. Employers […]

How to engage different generations at work

What kind of organization are you? Does your workforce represent a majority of one generation or a mixture of several? Do you know how to communicate with the different age groups? Are your rewards and benefits tailored to each generation? There are even more questions regarding the four generations at work over recent years, but […]

Chinese Employees of Tiens Group in Paris

Some bosses really deserve respect and Richard Branson is not alone. Owner of a huge Chinese company lead with himself 6,400 of his employees on a 4-day vacation in France, reserving 140 hotels in the capital Paris, and more than 4,700 hotel rooms on the Côte d’Azur. Chinese tourists landed in France with 84 aircraft, […]

Best companies list 2015

Best Companies is a UK website and business helping other organizations get what they call “Organisational Clarity”. As they state, Organizational clarity is all about having a clear Primary Purpose, clear Core Principles, an Outrageous Ambition and an ingenious plan. It’s the secret ingredient of employee engagement. Best Companies have been publishing the “Best Companies […]

So last Thursday I woke up with a heavy cold and knew I needed a day at home to rest up. I picked up my phone to call my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be in and that’s when I saw it – the message. “Hi Charlie, I need your help organising a […]

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Not only that, but the external prod of winning a contest makes a task seem less enjoyable in its own right. People wonder why there’s a prerequisite and automatically assume that what you’re bribing them to sign up for must be less fun than the prize. “Because otherwise why am I being bribed to do […]

When you’re thinking of putting a new employee benefit in place, are you daunted by communicating it? Are you frustrated by the parts of your workforce you never quite seem to reach, regardless of your efforts? It doesn’t have to be as hard, time-consuming or expensive as you think. Live by the KISS principle – […]

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In an increasingly competitive marketplace for talent, standard benefits are no longer effective recruiting tools. Here are ten of the top creative employee benefits that showcase employers thinking outside the box: 1. Offer travel opportunities to your employees. Encouraging employees to take time out to experience other cultures is an imaginative way to spark personal […]