Reward Gateway sold to a new investor. Staff share £6.5m

Posted by | July 30, 2015 | HR News

Employees at Reward Gateway

Employees at Reward Gateway
It was a busy and exited week at Reward Gateway, the employee engagement technology provider, which was sold by Inlextion Private Equity to Boston-based Great Hill Partners for £140m.

With 275 employees, Reward Gateway has revenues of £189m and serves more than 1,100 corporate clients in the UK, US and Australia. The CEO, Glenn Elliott said the funds from the new investors will be used to spread the business in new markets as well as developing new products for the HR industry.

About the EES shares that will shared among employees, 40% of them are hold by the management team and employees at Reward Gateway, while this number will rise up to 45% in the new deal.

Find more details at the following link.

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